Life Groups in Lockdown

Small groups-tight A Life Group is a dynamic community of about a dozen people, providing a context to experience the same friendship, care, coaching and disciple-making that Jesus provided for his initial group of twelve disciples. Groups meet online via a video platform, weekly or fortnightly, to discuss the Bible, pray and develop friendships.

The weekly Discipleship Guide is published following the Sunday morning service. Life Groups use the Guide as a way to keep connected/involved in what's happening at church. It contains a Bible study (based on the sermon) and a summary of church news and notices.

Interested in joining a group? See details below and talk to us if you would like to join one.

Ladies Who Lunch 
Leader: Gill Murphy

Mondays 12-1.30pm 
Parenting for Faith 
Leader: Wendy Colpus
Mondays 7.45-9pm
Deepak Group 
Mondays 7.45-9pm, fortnightly
Monday Evening Group 
Leaders: Sally James, Lisa Eve and Chris Rodwell
Mondays 7.30-9.15pm
Disciple 20s/30s Group 
Leaders: Ashley & Naomi Cooke and Peter Russell
Mondays 7.30-9.15pm
Milk & Honey
Leaders: Ben Shiells, Bebe Kiffin and Olumide Lala
Mondays 8pm
Leader: Pauline Easton
Tuesdays 7.45pm, fortnightly
Shakespeare's Brothers & Sisters 
Leaders: Richard Shakespeare and Chris Russell
Tuesdays 8-9.45pm, fortnightly (1st & 3rd of month)
Oram 20s/30s Group 
Wednesdays 8-9.30pm
Vijay & Nileeha Group 
Wednesdays 8-9pm, fortnightly
Heart for Jesus
Leaders: Phil & Cynthia Hartley
Wednesdays 8-9pm, fortnightly
Delores Group
Leader: Delores Taylor
Wednesdays 7pm
Wednesdays 8.30pm, fortnightly
Leaders: Chris & Jenny Giles
Thursdays 8-9.30pm, fortnightly
Victor & Matilda Group
Wednesdays 8-9.30pm
Quartey-Papafio Group
Leaders: Ben Quartey-Papfio
Thursdays 8-9.30pm
Hardcastle Group
Leader: Kevin Hardcastle
Thursdays 8-9.30pm, fortnightly
Breathing Space
Leaders: Bill McIlroy & David Chilvers

Thursdays 7.30-9.30pm, fortnightly
Collis Group
Leader: Hannah Collis

Thursdays 8.15pm, term time
Friends United
Leader: David Clarke 
Thursdays 8-9.30pm, fortnightly