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Copy of Positive Life Courses



A series of short courses which will help you unlock your potential. Courses cover wellbeing, relational and work skills. Each course explains the main issues, provides possible solutions and helps you discover possibilities for change. 

Positive Life for Ourselves

FREE 7-week course on Wednesdays 10am-12pm. Have you ever:

  • felt low in self-confidence or demotivated
  • felt negative about: changes to your life, criticism or rejection
  • been frustrated with people behaving differently to you
  • been unable to achieve your goals or to break a destructive habit? 

Then this course is for you: Positive Life For Ourselves (starts 30 March 2022). The course explores these issues (and much more), and provides lots of possible solutions to help you discover new possibilities for change. 

If you are interested in joining the course, please email the course organiser/Nick Waters via the Church Office.

The Importance of Sleep

The new course will be run on Mondays: 9 & 16 May 2022 from 7.30-9.30pm. Attendance is free and workbooks/handouts will be provided. The course uses the latest research to study: How sleep benefits us
  • The best (right) time to sleep
  • Insomnia & sleep-related problems
  • The impact of not getting enough sleep
How we (society/employers etc) can change to reap the benefits of sleep It is based on the books Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and Sleep: Harness the power of sleep for optimal health and wellbeing by Petra Hawker.
Please contact the Church Office to enroll. With limited space available, places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
Parking: attendees can use church car park, Tesco car park or local side roads. Thank you.

Positive Life with Others

Dates to be advised for 2022

This course is free and is open to everyone. It is delivered online via Zoom, access to the internet and use Zoom are required. Digital copies of workbook and handouts are provided. 
The course will provide the knowledge and interpersonal skills to enable you to build more effective relationships of all kinds: your friends and colleagues, your partner/spouse and with family members. Some of the questions it will answer: 
  • What are positive relationships?
  • How can I communicate more effectively?
  • What are Relationship Language Preferences and how do they help build positive relationships?
  • What are the seven ‘character traits’ of a builder of positive relationships?
  • What are Personality Styles and how can they help build positive relationships?
  • How can we make effective use of time to build positive relationships?
Why attend?
Learn how we can:
  • better understand, accept and get to know each other
  • develop closer, more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships
  • grow successful relationships that bring great pleasure
  • build supportive relationships that are healthy and affirming.
Which relationships?
The course is about relationships of all kinds: friendships, work colleagues, neighbours, family members as well as romantic relationships.
Click HERE for more course details.

If you are interested in joining the course, please email the course organiser or contact the church office.


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