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Settling-In Course

The Settling-In Course is specially designed for everyone who wants to know more about Purley Baptist Church, how we function, what we believe - and what might be expected from you should you become a member. Most new visitors to the church attend this course as a way to get to know us before joining membership themselves.

One of the most popular sessions is where we discover what your skills or gifts are. It could be that you are a 'people person' and like to get along side someone when they need to talk. Maybe you can play a musical instrument and would like to be a part of our worship team. Some people come to the course and tell us about their passion to work with the elderly or young people. Others have creative skills, building skills, computer skills or cooking skills. Everyone is good at something and it is a real blessing if we can help you release that talent for the church or to help others in the church, or possibly even within the local community.

For more information, contact: the church office  Tel: 020 8668 0422