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For New People

New to churchWhen you are either new to the church, new to the faith, or simply curious about Christianity, there will doubtless be lots of questions on your mind. Knowing who to ask and indeed, feeling confident to ask, may not be straightforward.

We try to provide opportunities for you to meet up with other people in a similar situation, in a relaxed atmosphere so that you call feel quite free to explore without obligation.

For those who want to know more about the Christian faith we run the Christianity Explored Course.

For those who are new to the church and want to find out more, we have Newcomer's Lunches.

We also run our Settling-In Course for those who might be thinking about joining.

Finally, you may want to think about joining one of our many home groups, where you can meet regularly with other church members and study the Bible. Alongside home groups we also have a number of other groups (which we call COGs) where all those taking part share a similar interest, such as photography, drama or singing (see Activity Groups in the menu bar above).